Get a certified BMW car! Pay 50% now and the remaining after 2 years. Enjoy warranties, inspections, financing, and roadside assistance. Limited time offer.

7 Series

STARTING AT 320,000 SAR, including tax

Model 2021 / 2022

8 Series

STARTING AT 420,000 SAR, including tax

Model 2023


STARTING AT 355,000 SAR, including tax

Model 2023

Competitive profit margin.

0% management fees.

The offer is valid until December 31, 2023.

Minimum 12 months warranty.

360-degree technical and visual examination.

Appropriate financing offers.

Roadside assistance.

Certified vehicle history.

Trade–in offer on your current BMW car.

* Terms and conditions apply.

* Specifications may vary from the image shown.

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