Commitment to regular maintenance of your car that helps you to protect it, extend its life and increases its value and guarantee its safety.

Be sure to book an appointment to maintain and repair your car and enjoy the following benefits*:


Organize your time

Bookingfor your car maintenance and repairs ensures that you get the appointment at times that suit you and plan the rest of your obligations during the day or week.


The priority of receiving your car

When you book an appointment to service your car, ensures priority in receiving your vehicle.


Prepare well for your car

Prior reservation helps us to arrange the necessary procedures to receive your car and to ensure in advance if updates and necessary work are available for your car and without delay.


Dedicated Service Advisor

Your selection of a service advisor to follow the work required for maintenance and complete all procedures.


Avoid delaying recommended service requirements 

Pre-booking helps you to adhere to service intervals on time and avoid you from exceeding maintenance requirements time thus maintain the performance of the vehicle.



Special discounts on spare parts and labor fees **

Special discounts on body repairs and paints **


Keep your data updated.

Updating your contact details to keep in touch.



*Terms and conditions apply

**Only on attending a reserved appointment

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